Leading From Zero

Earning and sustaining relevance with employees and customers is the primary responsibility of leaders. Leading from Zero: Seven Essential Elements of Earning Relevance is a step by step “how to” guide for leaders.

About the Author

Strategic Leadership Advisor, Executive
Coach and Author

Dave Coffaro

Dave is passionate about helping individuals and organizations be as successful as they can be. He continually works on expanding and refining his craft as a strategic organizational advisor, leader, developer of people, and communicator in order to serve others in defining, designing, and delivering their vision.


Beginning his career as a banker, Dave went through a commercial banking management training program that led to assignments in business lending and private banking. After a couple years in management consulting, he was offered a role at Bank of America’s Private Bank. At Bank of America and Wells Fargo he led teams of private bankers, wealth planners, portfolio managers, real estate asset managers, business succession/sales advisors and philanthropic advisors.

David Coffaro has written a brilliant book, Leading from Zero, which lays out a compelling argument for starting every day with a mindset of zero—which means that to be a great leader at home, work and life requires one to “earn their stripes” every day. The reader will see very quickly why David is one of the most sought-after consultants and coaches in the U.S., as he clearly distills for the reader—as he does in his practice, the seven foundational pillars for earning relevance as a leader.

John Mattone, Founder & Co-Chairman John Mattone Global, Inc

“Leading from Where you Are delivers engaging and quick-flowing narrative that really explains how to be a better leader in very practical ways.”

Kate Klimow, Chief Administrative Officer and Director of External Relations University of California, Irvine Beall Applied Innovation

“As a woman in manufacturing, it took a decade of my career to understand how to bring my authentic self to leadership in a traditionally male-dominated field. I recommend Leading from Where You Are to every professional; this book will guide you to bringing your best, most authentic self, your highest skills, talents, creativity, empathy and enthusiasm to your professional life, and help you to lead from where you are today”.

Alex Parker CME, Executive VP Redline Detection, LLC
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