Leading From Now

Leading from Now: A Leader’s Guide to Navigating Change is written for organizations and their leaders (owners, team leaders, division leaders, executive directors, CEOs) adjusting to a rapidly changing environment; those in transition, companies revisiting their future state success definition, and groups underperforming expectations.   Leading from Now explores the shelf-life of business operating models, model management, overcoming challenges associated with leading change, how to develop agility as an organizational competency, and team member engagement as a fundamental element of navigating change in for profit business and in the nonprofit sector. This book offers guidance to elevate your change leadership acumen, and consequently better positions you to develop and deploy adaptive business operating models that bring your organization’s vision to life in an environment of perpetual change.

Leading from Now: A Leader’s Guide to Navigating Change
About the Author

Strategic Leadership Advisor, Executive
Coach and Author

Dave Coffaro

Dave is passionate about helping individuals and organizations be as successful as they can be. He continually works on expanding and refining his craft as a strategic organizational advisor, leader, developer of people, and communicator in order to serve others in defining, designing, and delivering their vision.


Beginning his career as a banker, Dave went through a commercial banking management training program that led to assignments in business lending and private banking. After a couple years in management consulting, he was offered a role at Bank of America’s Private Bank. At Bank of America and Wells Fargo he led teams of private bankers, wealth planners, portfolio managers, real estate asset managers, business succession/sales advisors and philanthropic advisors.

"Leading from Now" isn't just a leadership guide; it's a captivating journey through the intricacies of change. Dave Coffaro's storytelling brings leadership principles to life in a way that's practical and relatable. The strategies shared are not just theoretical; they provide actionable steps for leaders facing the challenges of today's dynamic business landscape. Coffaro seamlessly blends history with contemporary relevance, offering a roadmap that's both authentic and inspiring. This book isn't a set of robotic instructions; it's a wisdom-infused guide, urging leaders to navigate change with confidence and resilience. Highly recommended for leaders seeking impact in an ever-evolving world."

Elzabeth Andrade, Executive Director, 211OC

“Leading from Now is a great resource for anyone looking to make sure they don’t allow their business model to slip into irrelevancy. Dave provides powerful insights and provocative questions to help ensure your business model doesn’t become stale whether you own your own business, are leading a line of business, or are a leader in general.”

Ben Alvarado, Executive Vice President, Director of Core Banking, California Bank & Trust

“In Leading from Now, Dave Coffaro lays out a provocative argument that challenges the reader to stop thinking about change management as an event and start leading change in a sustained, proactive manner. Leading from Now is a must read, serving as a practical guide for business owners and leaders looking to secure a competitive edge in a continuously evolving marketplace”.

Maria Zlidar Richards, , Director, Mazda North American Operations
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