Chaos or Comfort in Navigating Change?

Why do some organizations thrive when their operating environment changes while others crumble? How do strategic leaders approach disruptions to their way of doing business?

Managing change is often viewed as an event. Organizations talk about the “New Normal” as a destination. In reality, what we consider “normal times” are never really status quo; our business world is always in motion.

Organizations thrive when they recognize they operate on a continuum of change: Changing customer needs. Changing competition. Changing operating environments. Mastering movement to each stage of a new normal is essential to long term success and bringing an organization’s vision to life.


Key Takeaways:

Learn what it means to practice Change Leadership

Understand the Change Guidance approach to leading your team through transition

See how future state vision informs your path forward to the next new normal


08 Dec




Ryan Medina, Chas Phillips

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