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    “Dave Coffaro’s vast industry experience, coupled with his consulting skills allows him to add value upon arrival.  Dave is a consummate professional who can work across an organization very quickly to deliver results.   He is a trusted advisor, and his breadth of knowledge gives him an instant seat at the table”

    Jodi M. Director, Mid-sized regional bank

    “Dave stepped in to guide our leadership transition at a time when everything was changing around the Food Bank. On the heels of COVID-19 pandemic, Dave helped foster clear, concise and effective dialogues among senior staff. He led our executive team to identify top strategic priorities and to ensure the Food Bank would be ready for any challenge the future brought. In addition, Dave’s thoughtful and methodical approach to assembling and leading our newly formed investment committee has positioned the Food Bank well for growth. His impact will be felt for decades”.

    Claudia, Chief Executive Officer, regional food bank

    “Having managed a few teams in transition, the best first step I have ever taken is to call Strategic Advisory Consulting Group for advice on developing a thoughtful, curated plan to help guide staff members through the transition process. Whether it be a new leader with a new vision that needs to get the buy in of an established team, the merger of two large teams into one big department or simply finding a way to reinvigorate a well-functioning team after the disruption of the transition to a remote and hybrid workforce, the results from Strategic Advisory Consulting Group have been very positive. In particular, Dave Coffaro is the consummate professional putting everyone at ease the moment he enters the room, from CEO to frontline worker. He knows how to cut through the business-speak and get us to focus on the root of the issue. He is diligent about collecting information and thoroughly explains the practical applications his work has for our organization”.

    Kate, Chief Operating Officer, Research University

    “I highly recommend Dave Coffaro based on his exceptional industry knowledge, collaborative approach, mindset for challenging assumptions, and forward-thinking perspective. He provides invaluable insights and solutions tailored to specific needs, cultures, and organizational structures. Dave’s ability to engage stakeholders from across the organization, challenge conventional thinking, and propose innovative strategies ensures optimal results. With Dave, expect a transformative partnership that propels your business forward."

    Ken, President & Chief Executive Officer, national wealth management firm

    “Our Wealth Management and Trust organization selected Dave to help us build out a road map for reimagining how we deliver clearly defined enhanced value to our members - focusing on our goals of greater membership engagement and growth. He did a great job, working closely with our core executive team designing and implementing an action plan to drive these desired outcomes for us in both the short-term and long-term.”

    Curtis, Senior Vice President and Head of Wealth Management, Southwest-based bank

    "It is rare to find a consultant that can provide both strategic and operational advice and back it up with years of personal experience married with leading-edge current practice. Dave did that for our bank and did so thoroughly and with urgency. He didn’t come in with preconceived notions but rather studied our data, learned our culture and took time to understand our team and client dynamics. The result was an actionable plan that was resoundingly accepted by the team and adopted by management and which is already paying benefits for our clients."

    Richard, Executive Vice President and Managing Director/Wealth Management, Midwest-based bank